Meet Your Certified Home Inspector

My name is Jerrold Scheidt, and I am a Certified Home Inspector and the proud owner of Scheidt Home Inspection. I have always had great attention to detail, as well as a desire to help those around me.

During my many years as a Deputy Sheriff, my community trusted me to serve and protect them. Even after retiring, I continue to serve my community through quality, trustworthy home inspection services. When I inspect your home, I am helping you to the best of my ability. It’s important to me that I help you to make the best decision possible despite potentially stressful situations. I provide you with all of the knowledge you need, as well as reasonably priced services.

I had a bad home inspection experience once, and after that, I knew that it was important to help home buyers. I didn’t want anyone being taken advantage of as I was, so I devoted my time to learning all that I could about home inspecting.

I had recently moved to Fresno, and my home inspector was not a good one, to say the least. Not only did he miss many items, but he lied about what he had inspected. I was left with a crawlspace full of broken air conditioning ducts that he’d said were in working order—turns out they weren’t even connected to the system! He knew that I didn’t know anything about home inspections and took advantage of my vulnerable position. I knew about building and home maintenance but I didn’t understand the nuances of every little thing that home inspectors look for. To this day, I’m paying to fix things he said were working fine. After this incident, I began to do my own research. The more I thought about it, the more I knew that I had to do something. Before I knew it, I was deep into study mode.

My experience as a retired deputy instilled a desire to help those in my community. As a Certified Home Inspector, I am now able to continue helping those who deserve it—home buyers and sellers, whether they be first-timers or those who are more experienced. My background as a handyman, furniture builder, and a deputy all require attention to detail and have helped me to become a better home inspector.

Today, I am the proud holder of several titles. I am Home Advisor Top Rated, Home Advisor Elite Service, Home Advisor Best of 2015 Winner, Home Advisor Screened & Approved Contractor. I am the recipient of Expertise Best Home Inspectors in Fresno 2017 and a ProMatcher member home inspector.

Give Scheidt Home Inspection a call today; I look forward to working with you!