Buyers’ Home Inspection

A home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Make sure that you’re buying a home that will last with a Certified Home Inspection. Take the right steps necessary to ensure that you’re buying the right home for you and your family. There are a few important things to watch out for to ensure that your home inspection goes smoothly:

  • Make sure that water, power, and gas are on at the address. It’s essential that these are functioning in order to ensure a full inspection. Please have these on before your inspector arrives.
  • Make the entire property accessible to us. Keys, gate codes, etc.––we need access to be able to inspect it!

It’s especially important to have these steps completed, as needing to get an additional inspection can lead to additional fees. We will take a look at every aspect of the home to ensure that everything’s in great working condition and that you won’t have any surprise repairs once you move in. Secure your investment, and even your safety, with a Certified Home Inspection!

Sellers’ Home Inspection

How to Prepare For Your Home Inspection

Sellers’ Home Inspection

・Work with your Real Estate agent so that they can be sure to have the Water, Gas, and Power services on at the address to be inspected. These services must be on in order to conduct and thorough home inspection. Please make sure these are on before I arrive.
・Be Sure that there is access to the entire property, gate codes, keys to locked areas on the property,  etc.
・I may not have access to the property or may not by able to safely and adequately perform a  thorough inspection if the above items are not addressed. Having to schedule an additional inspection may result in additional fees.

Thank you for doing these simple things that will help me to inspect your home more thoroughly and help me to give you the best inspection possible.